Walking Days 25-30

Keep Going…On Your Walk

Day 30!

  • 30 days in of regular walking and I am feeling alot better about myself.
  • I have fluctuated a 5 pound loss and regain, but that is to be expected when worrying about what a scale says.
  • Not only are my walks good for my body, but they have been so therapeutic to my mind.
  • I am on my way to keeping a very healthy habit. I feel lost and distracted when I don’t get my walk in or if I am wondering if I am going to have time to get my walk in.
  • I would like to encourage everyone seeing this post to start working your way up to this daily healthy habit.
  • Be safe, take care of yourself and love yourself.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers, grocery store workers, EMT, law enforcement and military, newscasters, gas station workers and everyone who is helping out by just staying home.

– While Walking Today

Walking Days 25-30

Remember to Love Yourself

Day 29

  • I really need to get a pedometer. I don’t always have my phone on my possession and apps don’t track the steps unless your phone is attached to your hip…literally.
  • I moved. I stepped. I worked. I shopped. I cleaned.
  • I’m home alone so I made these heavenly spinach and ricotta stuffed shells for myself.
  • I savored each bite and showed love and appreciation of myself to myself.
  • Let’s all try to show ourselves a little extra love today.
  • Mondays are hard, but let’s celebrate that we made it thru another one!
  • Now I gotta get in a 2 mile walk! See you tomorrow.

Walking Days 25-30

A Little Pain

Day 28

  • 3.6 miles walked earlier today
  • Worked in my flower garden. Relaxed in the hammock.
  • Read “Chose Wonder over Worry”
  • Walked another 2 miles in the evening
  • I’m sunburnt and I realized I have got to get a better pair of walking shoes.
Heels bleeding from my walking shoes

I saw this after I returned from my first walk today. You know what? I’m kind of a badass. I kept walking past the initial pain. I didn’t even feel it once I was in my grove. And you know what? I went back for another 2 mile walk this evening.

Without pain, without sacrifice , we would have nothing.

– Fight Club

Walking Days 25-30

Storms are a Brewin’

Day 27

  • It’s just a matter of time before a beautiful day can turn into a storm of sorts.
  • Clouds can roll in, tempers can flare, negativity can trump optimism.
  • Sometimes it does take more effort to stay positive. Sometimes it does require sacrifice and initiative to make a change.
  • These clouds were rolling in faster than I could keep a safe distance. But I kept walking. I kept trying. I kept an optimistic view that I will make it.
  • And I did. 5 miles in today.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

– Dale Carnegie

Walking Days 25-30

A Day of Mixed Emotions

Day 26

  • Uncertainty about the virus meets uncertainty about who I want to spend my time with.
  • The people I want to see and spend time with the very most, I must distance myself from.
  • The stressors I must continue to coexist with.
  • I am torn. I am stressed.
  • I walked 6.2 miles today.

Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there”.

-Eckhart Tolle

Advice Walking Days 25-30

Listen to your body

Day 25

I had a headache at work yesterday, I chalked it up to needing caffeine. It was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day so I grabbed a coffee, went to the park and chugged down my drink before I started my walk.

The coffee was actually a caramel mocha coffee from McDonald’s, which is loaded in not only caffeine, but also sugar.

I walked around the park, felt pretty good then headed down the road. I wanted to get several miles in. At 6 miles I thought I had 2 more in me, then it hit me. My head started hurting more, I was hungry and all around didn’t feel good. Good thing I was close to my car at that point, cause at 6.75 miles, I was done.

I drove home with a throbbing headache, went straight to bed and stayed in bed until time for work the next morning.

Sometimes the heart wants what the body can’t give. Listen to your body. If you need fuel, feed it. If you need hydration, drink. If you need rest, take it or it will eventually demand it of you.

Here’s to listening to our bodies instead of all the voices in our head!

I walked 4.2 miles today and felt good doing it.

Your body will tell you what it needs.

– Jennifer Aniston