Walking Day 7-12

Get it When You Can!

Day 8

  • Weighed today, scale didn’t exactly change, but I have changed. I am more hopeful and optimistic about keeping my routine for health and wellness.
  • Had the opportunity to walk at work, so I took it!
  • 2 miles in. I didn’t care who saw, maybe I will inspire someone else.
  • The kids are here today. They were like a twister coming in on a mighty rampage thru the house.
  • I did a workout video in my room. It was fun, silly, simple and kinda sexy….kinda. Belly dancing!
  • You could try it if you need something new, exciting and somewhat sexy.
  • Or you can keep on walking like I plan on doing!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

– Walt Disney

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