Walking Days 25-30

Keep Going…On Your Walk

Day 30!

  • 30 days in of regular walking and I am feeling alot better about myself.
  • I have fluctuated a 5 pound loss and regain, but that is to be expected when worrying about what a scale says.
  • Not only are my walks good for my body, but they have been so therapeutic to my mind.
  • I am on my way to keeping a very healthy habit. I feel lost and distracted when I don’t get my walk in or if I am wondering if I am going to have time to get my walk in.
  • I would like to encourage everyone seeing this post to start working your way up to this daily healthy habit.
  • Be safe, take care of yourself and love yourself.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers, grocery store workers, EMT, law enforcement and military, newscasters, gas station workers and everyone who is helping out by just staying home.

– While Walking Today

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