Month: March 2020

Take the Steps

Day 18 Take the steps to be a healthy individual. Take the steps to put your life in the trajectory that you see in your dreams. Take the steps to seek adventure, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Take the steps to eat healthier, sleep sounder and exercise more often. Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Literal steps. Read More

Stay Away from the Beaches

Day 17 We all have options. Let’s take them! Be responsible and look out for others. The elderly, healthcare workers and everyday Americans are depending on you. Pictures are made by Canva Read More

Social Anxiety, Social Distancing and Distance Walking

Day 16 We are practicing social distancing at work. We are staggering our breaks; what once was 12 at a table, is now 3. This is a hassle for many people. As an introvert, I welcome this quieter area. As a person with social anxiety disorder, I am thankful to be more relaxed in the Read More

Walk Strong!

Day 15 I actually walked thru a busy as heck grocery store first. I’m not hoarding food, I’m not freaking out, but I am prepared to be home for a couple weeks if need be. Coronavirus is a horrible thing. Trust me, I know this. But as an introvert, it doesn’t scare me to be Read More

Walking with Michelle Obama

Day 14 I danced last night. For hours I shimmied, sashayed and boogied with no rhythm to be spoke of. This morning I was a bit stiff and as I drank my coffee I realized a habit was being formed. I didn’t want to dismiss today’s walk in leu of all the calories I burned Read More

Rainy Day Workout

Day 13 Wouldn’t you know, when I laced my sneakers and hurried out the door I found the rain had beat me to the driveway! As it is day 13 of my life change to walk everyday, I improvise with a Karen Voight workout video in my room. This woman is so strong, so professional Read More

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