Walking Days 37-42

Walk to Improve Your Mood

Day 41

  • Things are back to normal over here. Just me, my walk and my blog.
  • I had a good cry last night after my daughter went back to her regular life.
  • While it is hard, I know I have to keep trudging along. I have goals to achieve, weight to lose, legs to tone and stress to release.
  • Had I not had a goal of getting in my daily walk, I can imagine that my saddened mood would have sent me right to the couch. It has so many times before. I have the jiggly thighs to prove it.
  • The mood is lifted just from stepping outside, then again when working up to a steady stride and then it soars when miles are walked, a sweat is formed and the heartbeat accelerates. The mood is uplifted from the physical activity, the meditative state of being outdoors and the senses absorbing the world around us.
  • Keep on moving and keep your mood uplifted.
  • 4.5 miles walked today

Quote of the Day

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

– John Burroughs

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