Month: April 2020

Healthy Habit of Daily Walking

Day 33 How Do We Form a Habit? We used to think a habit was formed in 21 consecutive days of doing an activity. It is now known, that it can be just 3 days to start forming a simple habit such as drinking coffee every morning. In contrast, it can take many more days, Read More

Bonding Over Quarantine

Fever, exhaustion and fear attacked our family. We had a mighty scare at our house. It looks as if it was nothing but a regular virus. But it was a child and although coronavirus isn’t supposed to be as hard on kids, we were still plagued with fear, guilt and uncertainty. Did I bring the Read More

National Walking Day 2020

That’s right! Today is National Walking Day. On behalf of While Walking Today, I would like to invite everyone to go outside and go for a walk today. Enjoy the Sun, the Breeze, the Evening, and the Air. Enjoy the Freedom, the Movement, and the Walk. Being it is 2020 and our world is suffering Read More

Got Cellulite? Me too!

We all have cellulite, here are tips to get rid of it Read More

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