Category: 66 Day Walking Habit

Divert off the Path…Day 4

Walked a paved path. The same path I had rode my bike down several times before. Walking allowed me to take in the sights, the sounds and the people, where biking caused me to miss. 2 times I turned off the paved walkway and 2 times I stumbled upon a sight I was better for Read More

Music in our Soul…Day 3

Spotify playlist “Have a Great Day” Walked at a park today, everyone seemed to be swaying to my playlist. Couples holding hands while swinging their arms gently back and forth, dogs shaking their tails as they scampered by and kids running, sliding and swinging to the beat. Even this tree seemed to be leaning into Read More

I walked just for me! Day 2

I hoard junk food in my car. I eat like I haven’t ate all day as I drive home from work. Today was chocolate donuts and pretzels. The whole time I said, “I will start a diet tomorrow”. Work. Home. Walk. Family….opportunity presented itself and I took it. No hesitation, walk! Muffin top obvious today, Read More

And so, I walked….Day 1

  30 pounds to lose A little neighborhood beagle followed alongside me, I named him Pete My front-zipped sports Bra unzipped mid stride. I zipped it back up, belly showing, boobs hidden, kept walking with more of a grin. 10 minutes = 10 minutes too long with my could be mother-in-law 3 miles walked Life Read More

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