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Nooks and Crannies in Trees

Day 47 I notice alot of trees on my daily walks. The evergreens, spring budding trees and the dependable oaks. The little spots to get tucked away and get cozy always catch my eye. So many nooks and crannies look like an open invitation to sit down, rest my wary legs and enjoy the quiet Read More

JUST WALK AWAY…and go for a walk

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Is Someone Watching Me?

Day 45 Just a beautiful day for a walk today. Hallelujah! Thank you to the Heavens! I am so thankful. I had a wonderful walk, that lasted about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I know I am shocked, too. It didn’t seem like that long though. I had my mind set on a goal, the Read More

Rain and MORE RAIN

Day 44 And it did rain Several times today! A cold rain at that. Back to my walking video, I opted out of using an umbrella because I don’t own one. Haha 2 miles Tomorrow is going to be sunny. Because I Think So! Read More

Slow but Steady!

Day 43 My son and I walked again today. He is a little slower than I am on my walks. That doesn’t matter. We walked. We talked. He set goals. I am very proud. Walked 2.19 miles together, he went for another walk after I went home! Quote of the Day I’m ok with the Read More

Walking for My Son

Day 42 My son had a health scare. He was having heart palpitations, trouble calming his breathing and was quite frankly, scared to death. He does not consider himself to be a healthy person, you wouldn’t consider him healthy if you knew him, or even met him for a few minutes. My “need to get Read More

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