Category: Walking Days 19-24

Believe in Yourself

Day 24 6.75 miles walked today Read More

Benefits of Walking

Day 23 Physical Improved cardiovascular health, heart and lungs Increased stamina Stronger bones Strengthen and tone muscles Reduces body fat Lowers blood pressure Mental Lowers stress Calms the mind Free! No guilt Good for introverts to exercise alone and for extroverts to exercise with friends Improved mood Opportunity to be outside and take in the Read More

A Second Wind

Day 22 Monday took a toll on me today. People at work were scared, paranoid and had a hard time putting out anything but a negative vibe. It’s not that I blame them, it’s just that I tend to stay on the glass is half full side of things. After work, I inhaled the clean, Read More

Find Something Beautiful Today

Day 21 Look around today and find something beautiful in your life and in the world around you. Let’s thank the healthcare workers, the grocery store employees, the scientists and the law enforcement officers. Today, try not to focus on the negative in the world. Focus on the positive, there is always something to be Read More

Saturday’s Walking for Wellness

Day 20 The world is changing so fast now and yet part of the world is forced to sit back, stay at home and go back to simpler times. Everyone is unsure where life will take them. Plans that were set in stone are now uprooted and demolished. Let’s all come together, separately, and support Read More

Spring into Step

Day 19 Although the world is in turmoil, Mother Nature is showing us bits of spring, new life and a sprinkling of hope in the air. There is a whole lot of negative in the world now, with the Covid 19 coronavirus, but we must all have hope and all do our part to lessen Read More