Category: Walking Days 31-36

Walking Away from Social Anxiety

Day 36 My social anxiety controls my every conversation, response and interaction with individuals and groups of people. Okay, ESPECIALLY groups of people. It was a bit of a stressful workday and a little more talking to people, which in turn caused me just a little more stress. I really don’t know how many people Read More

Unproductive Productiveness

Day 35 Plans sometimes come to a halt and you have to go with the flow. EXERCISE PLAN FOR THE DAY: -Get in at least a 5 mile walk What Actually Happened: A casual stroll with 3 tagalongs. These are NOT the Girl Scout Cookie Tagalongs mind you. A tiny bug flew in 1 child’s Read More

Sunday Drive…I mean Walk

Day 34 Looks like there really isn’t anywhere to go these days. Although a nice Sunday drive sounded like a relaxing idea, I opted for a nice Sunday walk instead. I am so thankful for such a beautiful day. I am thankful that my family is well. I am thankful for my health and recent Read More

Healthy Habit of Daily Walking

Day 33 How Do We Form a Habit? We used to think a habit was formed in 21 consecutive days of doing an activity. It is now known, that it can be just 3 days to start forming a simple habit such as drinking coffee every morning. In contrast, it can take many more days, Read More

Bonding Over Quarantine

Fever, exhaustion and fear attacked our family. We had a mighty scare at our house. It looks as if it was nothing but a regular virus. But it was a child and although coronavirus isn’t supposed to be as hard on kids, we were still plagued with fear, guilt and uncertainty. Did I bring the Read More