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Walking Away from Social Anxiety

Day 36 My social anxiety controls my every conversation, response and interaction with individuals and groups of people. Okay, ESPECIALLY groups of people. It was a bit of a stressful workday and a little more talking to people, which in turn caused me just a little more stress. I really don’t know how many people Read More

National Walking Day 2020

That’s right! Today is National Walking Day. On behalf of While Walking Today, I would like to invite everyone to go outside and go for a walk today. Enjoy the Sun, the Breeze, the Evening, and the Air. Enjoy the Freedom, the Movement, and the Walk. Being it is 2020 and our world is suffering Read More

Listen to your body

Day 25 I had a headache at work yesterday, I chalked it up to needing caffeine. It was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day so I grabbed a coffee, went to the park and chugged down my drink before I started my walk. The coffee was actually a caramel mocha coffee from McDonald’s, which is Read More

Benefits of Walking

Day 23 Physical Improved cardiovascular health, heart and lungs Increased stamina Stronger bones Strengthen and tone muscles Reduces body fat Lowers blood pressure Mental Lowers stress Calms the mind Free! No guilt Good for introverts to exercise alone and for extroverts to exercise with friends Improved mood Opportunity to be outside and take in the Read More

Take the Steps

Day 18 Take the steps to be a healthy individual. Take the steps to put your life in the trajectory that you see in your dreams. Take the steps to seek adventure, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Take the steps to eat healthier, sleep sounder and exercise more often. Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Literal steps. Read More

Stay Away from the Beaches

Day 17 We all have options. Let’s take them! Be responsible and look out for others. The elderly, healthcare workers and everyday Americans are depending on you. Pictures are made by Canva Read More