Walking with Michelle Obama

Day 14 I danced last night. For hours I shimmied, sashayed and boogied with no rhythm to be spoke of. This morning I was a bit stiff and as I drank my coffee I realized a habit was being formed. I didn’t want to dismiss today’s walk in leu of all the calories I burned Read More

Rainy Day Workout

Day 13 Wouldn’t you know, when I laced my sneakers and hurried out the door I found the rain had beat me to the driveway! As it is day 13 of my life change to walk everyday, I improvise with a Karen Voight workout video in my room. This woman is so strong, so professional Read More

Pacing, Spacing and Pouncing

Day 12 Not minding, back talking and lying Late into the evening, I paced. Paced up and down the road, paced while on the phone, paced in the store for supplies. Coronavirus isn’t close, but we are preparing for it and keeping our distance. We changed our plans and are keeping space between the public Read More

Hills, Valleys and Puddles

Day 11 A dog, a pole and daffodils could have also been the title today. I cast the line a few times, but nary fish was caught, nor was it cared to be caught. But ahh, the hiking opportunity. I love the hills that my legs must work hard to climb up and tense to Read More

A Day of Results

Day 10 Results are in from the behavior tests, outcome was very predictable, just what we expected. He has all of the signs. Decisions are being made about our plans for the weekend, err on the side of caution or live like it’s your last. I know which side I’m sticking with. Spectators not allowed Read More

My “Self Matters” Walk

Day 9 Oprah has some of her most classic Oprah Winfrey Show episodes on podcasts now. As I walk do I listen to humorous episodes? No! Children of Divorce with testimonies from real kids and Self Matters with Dr Phil. They were both illuminating in their own right. I breezed down the walkways with determination Read More

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