Get it When You Can!

Day 8 Weighed today, scale didn’t exactly change, but I have changed. I am more hopeful and optimistic about keeping my routine for health and wellness. Had the opportunity to walk at work, so I took it! 2 miles in. I didn’t care who saw, maybe I will inspire someone else. The kids are here Read More

Walking with Oprah

Day 7 I am so thankful for Oprah for sharing stories of strong women, failures, successes, and that goals are attainable to achieve It’s easy to get lost in our everyday tasks and routines, but sometimes we have to hear other people’s stories in order to break out of our monotony and set new goals Read More

Let There Be Peace

DAY 6 Saturday at home: no work, no games, no appointments, no kids The sun is extraordinary despite the cool temps. My new pants fit, were very comfortable…looked in the mirror, every dimple, every line, every bump shows through, not so comfortable anymore. Maybe another day I walked before the “what do you want to Read More

Don’t Let a Boo Boo Stop You…..Day 5

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned Went to a park after work to walk, bitter wind, not dressed for the weather Bought some workout pants with pockets, didnt try them on, fingers crossed Ready to go in another store and I smashed my finger in the car door. Shake it off, oops I’m bleeding, Read More

Divert off the Path…Day 4

Walked a paved path. The same path I had rode my bike down several times before. Walking allowed me to take in the sights, the sounds and the people, where biking caused me to miss. 2 times I turned off the paved walkway and 2 times I stumbled upon a sight I was better for Read More

Music in our Soul…Day 3

Spotify playlist “Have a Great Day” Walked at a park today, everyone seemed to be swaying to my playlist. Couples holding hands while swinging their arms gently back and forth, dogs shaking their tails as they scampered by and kids running, sliding and swinging to the beat. Even this tree seemed to be leaning into Read More

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