Walking and Talking to the Clouds

Day 61 Walked 2.5 miles Read More

Walking Buddy

Day 60 Everyone needs a walking buddy. Moms, dads, introverts, extroverts, even I do sometimes. Quote of the Day If you need someone along to keep you motivated, invite a friend. If you need someone to keep you entertained, ask a friend. If you need someone to smile at, bring your kitty cat. – While Read More

Lazy Sunday Hangover Walk

Day 58 You got me, yes I have a hangover. There I admitted it. We stayed up late and finished Season 3 of Ozarks. I won’t ruin it for you, but yes it was a great TV series and the season finale left me speechless. While I may have been enthralled in my show and Read More

Made for Walking?

Day 57 The clouds set the stage for an awe-inspiring day of walking. I made my way across the yard more times than I could count. I took the occasional detour to the hammock. But I eventually made my way to my planned walk for the day. 4 miles of walking. A sunburn on my Read More

Lake View Walk for Stress Relief

Day 56 I am in awe of the breathtaking landscape I walked upon today. Miles don’t matter, steps don’t matter. All that matters is the stress has been pulled from my soul and released into the warm, spring air. It floated away into oblivion. I am at peace. All is well. Take a walk around Read More

Even Better than a Fitbit!

Day 55 My fitbit arrived in the mail today! Look at me, I’m so fancy and high tech. Seriously, though, it came in the mail this afternoon. I had to charge it for 10 minutes. Download an app. Sync it to my phone. Then stick it in my wrist and it’s ready to go. It Read More

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