Slow but Steady!

Day 43 My son and I walked again today. He is a little slower than I am on my walks. That doesn’t matter. We walked. We talked. He set goals. I am very proud. Walked 2.19 miles together, he went for another walk after I went home! Quote of the Day I’m ok with the Read More

Walking for My Son

Day 42 My son had a health scare. He was having heart palpitations, trouble calming his breathing and was quite frankly, scared to death. He does not consider himself to be a healthy person, you wouldn’t consider him healthy if you knew him, or even met him for a few minutes. My “need to get Read More

100 Pounds to Lose? Try Walking

Why Walking? YOU CAN WALK ANYWHERE Walking is something you can do 365 days a year! Rain or shine, indoors or outside. In a park, around a neighborhood, on a treadmill or up and down your driveway. There is ALWAYS SOMEWHERE TO WALK. YOU CAN WALK ANYTIME Walking can be done Anytime of Day! It Read More

Walk to Improve Your Mood

Day 41 Things are back to normal over here. Just me, my walk and my blog. I had a good cry last night after my daughter went back to her regular life. While it is hard, I know I have to keep trudging along. I have goals to achieve, weight to lose, legs to tone Read More

A Wooded Hike

Day 40 Hiking up and down a windy path this evening, knowing the trail should wrap around to the exit and yet not sure if we would make it out before dark. But we made it out! I love hiking in the woods. I’m in my element with the trails, the exposed roots, the wildflowers, Read More

So Thankful For Today

Day 39 We rented an adorable Airbnb for the weekend. A sort of social distancing, staycation, home away from home. It’s nice to get away from the normal. I love getaways, vacations and mini trips. Just my daughter and I here, so its quiet, peaceful, therapeutic and fun. We walked for 6 miles down a Read More

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