Proud, Happy Mama

Day 38 Lovely Day Actually I saw my son who I deeply missed. I played with my grand dogs. I planned a mini fake getaway with my daughter. I am on cloud 9. Now I have to tell my fiancĂȘ. I walked 4.5 miles. I peed in the woods. What am I going to do Read More

Binge Eating and Power Walking

Day 37 The Sugar Craving, then the Salt I just went for the ice cold and refreshing sugary tea. The line wasn’t long and I had the excuse of not being able to go inside, so I could “hide” in the car with my EXTRA SWEET DELIGHT. Then “small fry” echoed easily into the speaker, Read More

Walking Away from Social Anxiety

Day 36 My social anxiety controls my every conversation, response and interaction with individuals and groups of people. Okay, ESPECIALLY groups of people. It was a bit of a stressful workday and a little more talking to people, which in turn caused me just a little more stress. I really don’t know how many people Read More

Unproductive Productiveness

Day 35 Plans sometimes come to a halt and you have to go with the flow. EXERCISE PLAN FOR THE DAY: -Get in at least a 5 mile walk What Actually Happened: A casual stroll with 3 tagalongs. These are NOT the Girl Scout Cookie Tagalongs mind you. A tiny bug flew in 1 child’s Read More

Sunday Drive…I mean Walk

Day 34 Looks like there really isn’t anywhere to go these days. Although a nice Sunday drive sounded like a relaxing idea, I opted for a nice Sunday walk instead. I am so thankful for such a beautiful day. I am thankful that my family is well. I am thankful for my health and recent Read More

Healthy Habit of Daily Walking

Day 33 How Do We Form a Habit? We used to think a habit was formed in 21 consecutive days of doing an activity. It is now known, that it can be just 3 days to start forming a simple habit such as drinking coffee every morning. In contrast, it can take many more days, Read More

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