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Walking and Talking to the Clouds

Day 61 Walked 2.5 miles Read More

So Thankful For Today

Day 39 We rented an adorable Airbnb for the weekend. A sort of social distancing, staycation, home away from home. It’s nice to get away from the normal. I love getaways, vacations and mini trips. Just my daughter and I here, so its quiet, peaceful, therapeutic and fun. We walked for 6 miles down a Read More

Remember to Love Yourself

Day 29 I really need to get a pedometer. I don’t always have my phone on my possession and apps don’t track the steps unless your phone is attached to your hip…literally. I moved. I stepped. I worked. I shopped. I cleaned. I’m home alone so I made these heavenly spinach and ricotta stuffed shells Read More

Storms are a Brewin’

Day 27 It’s just a matter of time before a beautiful day can turn into a storm of sorts. Clouds can roll in, tempers can flare, negativity can trump optimism. Sometimes it does take more effort to stay positive. Sometimes it does require sacrifice and initiative to make a change. These clouds were rolling in Read More

A Day of Mixed Emotions

Day 26 Uncertainty about the virus meets uncertainty about who I want to spend my time with. The people I want to see and spend time with the very most, I must distance myself from. The stressors I must continue to coexist with. I am torn. I am stressed. I walked 6.2 miles today. Stress Read More

And so, I walked….Day 1

  30 pounds to lose A little neighborhood beagle followed alongside me, I named him Pete My front-zipped sports Bra unzipped mid stride. I zipped it back up, belly showing, boobs hidden, kept walking with more of a grin. 10 minutes = 10 minutes too long with my could be mother-in-law 3 miles walked Life Read More